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Terms of use
The terms and conditions outlined in this document describe the binding agreement between you, the person using the service, and us, the owners and operators of BitPro. The software refers to the application/website you are currently using. The merchant refers to a user creating an invoice on this website. The buyer refers to the person sending money to complete an invoice.
We provide our services to you on the condition you agree to these terms. The software we use has been rigorously tested for many different scenarios. However, we cannot guarantee the software is free of bugs and cannot be held accountable for loss of funds, loss of service, corruption of data or any other issues arising from bugs in the software. Any part of this agreement which is not valid for your specific situation does not invalidate other parts of this agreement.
The software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantibility and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will BitPro be liable for any interruption, loss of funds, lost revenues or corruption of data for use of these services.
A user is free to payout any owned coins at any time, as long as the following conditions are met:
The coins are confirmed on the network. This means an invoice needs to have the number of confirmations returned in the field "required_conf" or higher when using the API.
The payout has reached the minimum payout value. The minimum payout value is set to a value above the transaction fee to make sure the payout balance is always positive.
In case of a coin "fork", users are not eligible to forked coins, likewise users are not elibile for any generated gas/minting/etc as a result of us holding coins.
We strive to keep coin fees stable and reserve the right to update the fees once every 24 hours without prior notice.
Payout is usually within minutes after requesting a payout, but in exceptional cases it can take up to five business days.
Restricted use
The following services are not allowed:
  • Services or goods which are illegal in your country/state
  • Narcotics or illegal drugs/substances
  • Material infringing copyright
  • Pornography featuring minors
  • Sales of firearms or ammunition, including fireworks
  • Services related to spam or phising
Data sharing and limits
We collect as little information as possible on you, the merchant and the seller. We do need to collect the following information to prevent spam and help detect unusual activity.
  • Timestamp of visit
  • The requested page
  • The IP address and associated hostname
  • Referer
The data described above will be kept for several days. The IP addresses used when calling the API will be stored permanently.
We reserve the rights to change or update these terms at any time. The new updated terms will supersede the previous terms.